by Nuclear Jazz Quarktet

Released December 2014
Released December 2014
Debut album by the Nuclear Jazz Quarktet features unique treatments of standards, lesser-known jazz tunes, and vocals from the Great American Songbook. You can listen to the tracks by clicking on the triangles beside each song title.
Despite the name of the group and the cover art, you will not learn any Physics listening to this album. Instead, you will hear standards and less well-known jazz tunes, as well as vocals from the Great American Songbook, enthusiastically presented by 7 musicians who love playing jazz, America's indigenous musical art form.

Trumpet: Cary Davids. Sax, flute, clarinet: Al Miller. Trombone: Charlie Cosgrove.
Piano: Dennis Natarelli. Bass: Fred Filipiak. Drums: Pete Castronova. Vocals: Julie …
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December 21, 2014:  We have just released our debut CD entitled Radioactive!  Use the Store link to see more details, and the Our Music link to hear the tracks.